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Video playback. More...


class  AVIDecoder
 AVI Container Decoder which can be fed with small chunks of data. The minimum length must be bigger then the header size! The file structure is documented at More...
class  ContainerMP4
 Minimum flexible parser for MPEG4 data (which is based on the Quicktime format). Small atoms will be make available via a callback method. The big (audio) content is written to the Print object which was specified in the constructor. Depends on! More...
class  JpegOpenCV
 Display image with opencv to be used on the desktop. More...
class  JpegTFT
 Display jpeg image using and More...
class  VideoAudioBufferedSync
 Logic to Synchronize video and audio output: we use a buffer to store the audio and instead of delaying the frames with delay() we play audio. The bufferSize defines the audio buffer in bytes. The correctionMs is used to slow down or speed up the playback of the video to prevent any audio buffer underflows. More...
class  VideoAudioSync
 Logic to Synchronize video and audio output: This is the minimum implementatin which actually does not synchronize, but directly processes the data. No additinal memory is used! Provide your own optimized platform specific implementation. More...
class  VideoOutput
 Abstract class for video playback. This class is used to assemble a complete video frame in memory. More...


enum class  AudioFormat : uint16_t {
  UNKNOWN = 0x0000 , PCM = 0x0001 , ADPCM = 0x0002 , IEEE_FLOAT = 0x0003 ,
  ALAW = 0x0006 , MULAW = 0x0007 , OKI_ADPCM = 0x0010 , DVI_ADPCM = 0x0011 ,
  MEDIASPACE_ADPCM = 0x0012 , SIERRA_ADPCM = 0x0013 , G723_ADPCM = 0x0014 , DIALOGIC_OKI_ADPCM = 0x0017 ,
  MEDIAVISION_ADPCM = 0x0018 , YAMAHA_ADPCM = 0x0020 , ANTEX_ADPCME = 0x0033 , DIGIADPCM = 0x0036 ,
  NMS_VBXADPCM = 0x0038 , CS_IMAADPCM = 0x0039 , ROCKWELL_ADPCM = 0x003B , G721_ADPCM = 0x0040 ,
  G726_ADPCM = 0x0064 , G722_ADPCM = 0x0065 , INFOCOM_ITS_G721_ADPCM = 0x008B , ZYXEL_ADPCM = 0x0097 ,
  RHETOREX_ADPCM = 0x0100 , SANYO_LD_ADPCM = 0x0125 , G726ADPCM = 0x0140 , UNISYS_NAP_ADPCM = 0x0170
 Audio format codes used by Microsoft e.g. in avi or wav files.

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Video playback.