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RingBuffer< T > Class Template Reference

Implements a typed Ringbuffer. More...

#include <Buffers.h>

Inheritance diagram for RingBuffer< T >:
BaseBuffer< T >

Public Member Functions

 RingBuffer (int size)
virtual T * address ()
 returns the address of the start of the physical read buffer
virtual int available ()
 provides the number of entries that are available to read
virtual int availableForWrite ()
 provides the number of entries that are available to write
void clear ()
 same as reset
virtual int clearArray (int len)
 Removes the next len entries.
bool isEmpty ()
virtual bool isFull ()
 checks if the buffer is full
virtual T peek ()
 peeks the actual entry from the buffer
virtual int peekArray (T *data, int n)
virtual T read ()
 reads a single value
virtual int readArray (T data[], int len)
 reads multiple values
int readFrames (T data[][2], int len)
 reads multiple values for array of 2 dimensional frames
template<int rows, int channels>
int readFrames (T(&data)[rows][channels])
virtual void reset ()
 clears the buffer
virtual void resize (int len)
virtual size_t size ()
 Returns the maximum capacity of the buffer.
virtual bool write (T data)
 write add an entry to the buffer
virtual int writeArray (const T data[], int len)
 Fills the buffer data.
virtual int writeArrayOverwrite (const T data[], int len)
 Fills the buffer data and overwrites the oldest data if the buffer is full.

Protected Member Functions

int nextIndex (int index)
void setWritePos (int pos)

Protected Attributes

Vector< T > _aucBuffer
int _iHead
int _iTail
int _numElems
int max_size = 0
friend NBuffer< T >

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class audio_tools::RingBuffer< T >

Implements a typed Ringbuffer.

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