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LEDOutputUnoR4 Class Reference

LED output using the R4 LED matrix library. More...

#include <LEDOutputUnoR4.h>

Public Member Functions

 LEDOutputUnoR4 ()=default
 Default Constructor.
 LEDOutputUnoR4 (FFTDisplay &fft)
 Constructor for FFT scenario. More...
 LEDOutputUnoR4 (VolumeOutput &vol)
 Constructor for VolumeOutput scenario. More...
void addColumnBar (int currY)
 Update the last column with the indicated bar.
bool begin ()
 Starts the processing with the default configuration.
bool begin (LEDOutputUnoR4Config config)
 Setup Led matrix.
LEDOutputUnoR4Configconfig ()
 Provides access to the actual config object. E.g. to change the update logic.
LEDOutputUnoR4Config defaultConfig ()
 Provides the default config object.
void display ()
 Update the led_matrix.
FFTDisplayfftDisplay ()
 Provides access to the FFTDisplay object.
virtual float getMaxMagnitude ()
 Provodes the max magnitude for the VolumeOutput and FFT scenario.
bool & ledXY (uint8_t x, uint8_t y)
 Determine the led with the help of the x and y pos.
void setColumnBar (int x, int currY)
 Update the indicated column with the indicated bar.
virtual void update ()
 Updates the display by calling the update callback method: call this method in your loop.

Protected Member Functions

void addEmptyColumn ()
 Adds an empty column to the end shifting the content to the left.

Protected Attributes

LEDOutputUnoR4Config cfg
uint64_t count = 0
Vector< bool > frame {0}
ArduinoLEDMatrix led_matrix
int max_column = -1
FFTDisplayp_fft = nullptr
VolumeOutputp_vol = nullptr


class AudioFFTBase

Detailed Description

LED output using the R4 LED matrix library.

Phil Schatzmann

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LEDOutputUnoR4() [1/2]

LEDOutputUnoR4 ( FFTDisplay fft)

Constructor for FFT scenario.


◆ LEDOutputUnoR4() [2/2]

LEDOutputUnoR4 ( VolumeOutput vol)

Constructor for VolumeOutput scenario.


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