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AudioWriter Class Referenceabstract

E.g. used by Encoders and Decoders. More...

#include <AudioTypes.h>

Inheritance diagram for AudioWriter:
AudioInfoSupport AudioDecoder AudioEncoder AACDecoderFAAD AACDecoderFDK AACDecoderHelix ADPCMDecoderXQ ADTSDecoder APTXDecoder AudioDecoderExt Codec2Decoder CodecNOP ContainerDecoder CopyDecoder DecoderAdapter DecoderBase64 DecoderBasic DecoderFloat DecoderHelix DecoderL16 DecoderL8 G722Decoder G7xxDecoder GSMDecoder ILBCDecoder LC3Decoder MP3DecoderHelix MP3DecoderMAD MP3DecoderMini MTSDecoder MTSDecoder OpusAudioDecoder SBCDecoder WAVDecoder WavIMADecoder AACEncoderFDK ADPCMEncoderXQ APTXEncoder AudioEncoderExt BinaryContainerEncoder Codec2Encoder CodecNOP CopyEncoder EncoderBase64 EncoderBasic EncoderFloat EncoderL16 EncoderL8 FLACEncoder G722Encoder G7xxEncoder GSMEncoder ILBCEncoder LC3Encoder MP3EncoderLAME OggContainerEncoder OpusAudioEncoder SBCEncoder WAVEncoder

Public Member Functions

virtual AudioInfo audioInfo ()=0
 provides the actual input AudioInfo
virtual AudioInfo audioInfoOut ()
 provides the actual output AudioInfo: this is usually the same as audioInfo() unless we use a transforming stream
virtual bool begin ()=0
virtual bool begin (AudioInfo info)
virtual void end ()=0
virtual operator bool ()=0
virtual void setAudioInfo (AudioInfo from)=0
 Defines the input AudioInfo.
virtual void setOutput (Print &out_stream)=0
virtual size_t write (const uint8_t *data, size_t len)=0

Protected Member Functions

void writeBlocking (Print *out, uint8_t *data, size_t len)

Detailed Description

E.g. used by Encoders and Decoders.

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