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AudioInfo Struct Reference

Basic Audio information which drives e.g. I2S. More...

#include <AudioTypes.h>

Inheritance diagram for AudioInfo:
AnalogConfig AudioFFTConfig AudioMP34DT05Config AudioServerExConfig ConfigEquilizer3Bands I2SConfig MiniAudioConfig MozziConfig OpusSettings PWMConfig PitchShiftInfo PortAudioConfig ProgressStreamInfo ResampleConfig SPDIFConfig ThrottleConfig TimerCallbackAudioStreamInfo VS1053Config VolumeStreamConfig WAVAudioInfo WavIMAAudioInfo

Public Member Functions

 AudioInfo ()=default
 Default constructor.
 AudioInfo (const AudioInfo &)=default
 Copy constructor.
 AudioInfo (int sampleRate, int channelCount, int bitsPerSample)
 Constructor which supports all attribures as parameters.
void copyFrom (AudioInfo info)
 Same as set.
virtual void logInfo (const char *source=nullptr)
bool operator!= (AudioInfo alt)
AudioInfooperator= (const AudioInfo &info)
bool operator== (AudioInfo alt)
void set (AudioInfo info)
 Copies the values from info.
void setAudioInfo (AudioInfo info)
 Same as set.

Public Attributes

int bits_per_sample =16
int channels = 0
int sample_rate = 0

Detailed Description

Basic Audio information which drives e.g. I2S.

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