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AudioInfo Struct Reference

Basic Audio information which drives e.g. I2S. More...

#include <AudioTypes.h>

Inheritance diagram for AudioInfo:
AnalogConfigESP32 AnalogConfigESP32V1 AnalogConfigStd AudioFFTConfig AudioMP34DT05Config AudioServerExConfig ConfigEquilizer3Bands DACInfo I2SConfigESP32 I2SConfigESP32V1 I2SConfigStd MiniAudioConfig MozziConfig OpusSettings PWMConfig PitchShiftInfo PortAudioConfig ProgressStreamInfo ResampleConfig SPDIFConfig ThrottleConfig TimerCallbackAudioStreamInfo VBANConfig VS1053Config VolumeStreamConfig WAVAudioInfo WavIMAAudioInfo

Public Member Functions

 AudioInfo ()=default
 Default constructor.
 AudioInfo (const AudioInfo &)=default
 Copy constructor.
 AudioInfo (int sampleRate, int channelCount, int bitsPerSample)
 Constructor which supports all attribures as parameters.
void copyFrom (AudioInfo info)
 Same as set.
virtual void logInfo (const char *source=nullptr)
bool operator!= (AudioInfo alt)
AudioInfooperator= (const AudioInfo &info)
bool operator== (AudioInfo alt)
void set (AudioInfo info)
 Copies the values from info.
void setAudioInfo (AudioInfo info)
 Same as set.

Public Attributes

int bits_per_sample = DEFAULT_BITS_PER_SAMPLE
 Number of bits per sample (int16_t = 16 bits)

int channels = DEFAULT_CHANNELS
 Number of channels: 2=stereo, 1=mono.
int sample_rate = DEFAULT_SAMPLE_RATE
 Sample Rate: e.g 44100.

Detailed Description

Basic Audio information which drives e.g. I2S.

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