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I2SCodecConfig Struct Reference

Configuration for I2SCodecStream. More...

#include <I2SCodecStream.h>

Inheritance diagram for I2SCodecConfig:
I2SConfigESP32 AudioInfo

Public Member Functions

virtual void clear ()
void copyFrom (AudioInfo info)
 Same as set.
bool equals (AudioInfo alt)
 Returns true if alt values are the same like the current values.
bool equalsExSampleRate (AudioInfo alt)
 Checks if only the sample rate is different.
void logInfo (const char *source="")
 operator bool ()
 Returns true if all components are defined (no component is 0)
bool operator!= (AudioInfo alt)
 Returns true if alt values are the different from the current values.
bool operator!= (I2SCodecConfig alt)
bool operator== (AudioInfo alt)
 Returns true if alt values are the same like the current values.
bool operator== (I2SCodecConfig alt)
void set (AudioInfo info)
 Copies the values from info.
void setAudioInfo (AudioInfo info)
 Same as set.

Public Attributes

bool auto_clear = I2S_AUTO_CLEAR
uint8_t bits_per_sample = DEFAULT_BITS_PER_SAMPLE
 Number of bits per sample (int16_t = 16 bits)

int buffer_count = I2S_BUFFER_COUNT
int buffer_size = I2S_BUFFER_SIZE
uint16_t channels = DEFAULT_CHANNELS
 Number of channels: 2=stereo, 1=mono.
uint32_t fixed_mclk = 0
I2SFormat i2s_format = I2S_STD_FORMAT
input_device_t input_device = ADC_INPUT_LINE1
bool is_master = true
output_device_t output_device = DAC_OUTPUT_ALL
int pin_bck = PIN_I2S_BCK
int pin_data = -1
int pin_data_rx = -1
int pin_mck = -1
int pin_ws = PIN_I2S_WS
int port_no = 0
RxTxMode rx_tx_mode = RXTX_MODE
 public settings
sample_rate_t sample_rate = DEFAULT_SAMPLE_RATE
 Sample Rate: e.g 44100.
bool sd_active = true
I2SSignalType signal_type = Digital
bool use_apll = I2S_USE_APLL

Detailed Description

Configuration for I2SCodecStream.

Phil Schatzmann

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