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List< T > Class Template Reference

Double linked list. More...

#include <List.h>


class  Iterator
struct  Node

Public Member Functions

 List (Allocator &allocator=DefaultAllocator)
 Default constructor.
template<size_t N>
 List (const T(&a)[N], Allocator &allocator=DefaultAllocator)
 Constructor using array.
 List (List &ref)=default
 copy constructor
T & back ()
 Provides the last element.
Iterator begin ()
bool clear ()
bool empty ()
Iterator end ()
bool erase (Iterator it)
bool insert (Iterator it, const T &data)
T & operator[] (int index)
bool pop_back ()
bool pop_back (T &data)
bool pop_front ()
bool pop_front (T &data)
bool push_back (T data)
bool push_front (T data)
Iterator rbegin ()
Iterator rend ()
void setAllocator (Allocator &allocator)
size_t size ()
bool swap (List< T > &ref)

Protected Member Functions

NodecreateNode ()
void deleteNode (Node *p_delete)
NodefirstDataNode ()
NodelastDataNode ()
void link ()
void validate ()

Protected Attributes

Node first
Node last
Allocatorp_allocator = &DefaultAllocator
size_t record_count =0

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class audio_tools::List< T >

Double linked list.

Phil Schatzmann
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