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Equilizer3Bands Class Reference

3 Band Equilizer inspired from More...

#include <Equilizer.h>

Inheritance diagram for Equilizer3Bands:
ModifyingStream AudioStream BaseStream AudioInfoSupport AudioInfoSource Stream Print


struct  EQSTATE

Public Member Functions

 Equilizer3Bands (AudioOutput &out)
 Equilizer3Bands (AudioStream &stream)
 Equilizer3Bands (Print &out)
 Equilizer3Bands (Stream &in)
virtual void addNotifyAudioChange (AudioInfoSupport &bi)
 Adds target to be notified about audio changes.
virtual AudioInfo audioInfo () override
 provides the actual input AudioInfo
virtual AudioInfo audioInfoOut ()
 provides the actual output AudioInfo: this is usually the same as audioInfo() unless we use a transforming stream
int available () override
int availableForWrite () override
virtual bool begin ()
bool begin (ConfigEquilizer3Bands &config)
virtual void clearNotifyAudioChange ()
 Deletes all change notify subscriptions.
ConfigEquilizer3Bandsconfig ()
ConfigEquilizer3BandsdefaultConfig ()
virtual void end ()
virtual void flush () override
bool isNotifyActive ()
 Checks if the automatic AudioInfo update is active.
virtual operator bool ()
size_t readBytes (uint8_t *data, size_t len) override
 Provides the data from all streams mixed together.
virtual size_t readSilence (uint8_t *buffer, size_t length)
 Source to generate silence: just sets the buffer to 0.
virtual bool removeNotifyAudioChange (AudioInfoSupport &bi)
 Removes a target in order not to be notified about audio changes.
virtual void setAudioInfo (AudioInfo info) override
 Defines the input AudioInfo.
void setNotifyActive (bool flag)
 Deactivate/Reactivate automatic AudioInfo updates: (default is active)
void setOutput (Print &out) override
 Defines/Changes the output target.
void setStream (Stream &io) override
 Defines/Changes the input & output.
size_t write (const uint8_t *data, size_t len) override
virtual size_t write (uint8_t ch) override
virtual void writeSilence (size_t len)
 Writes len bytes of silence (=0).

Protected Member Functions

void filterSamples (const uint8_t *data, size_t len)
virtual int not_supported (int out, const char *msg="")
void notifyAudioChange (AudioInfo info)
void refillReadBuffer ()
float sample (EQSTATE &es, float sample)

Protected Attributes

int _timeout = 10
ConfigEquilizer3Bands cfg
AudioInfo info
bool is_notify_active = true
int max_state_count = 0
Vector< AudioInfoSupport * > notify_vector
ConfigEquilizer3Bandsp_cfg = &cfg
Printp_print = nullptr
Streamp_stream = nullptr
struct audio_tools::Equilizer3Bands::EQSTATEstate = nullptr
RingBuffer< uint8_t > tmp_in {0}
RingBuffer< uint8_t > tmp_out {0}
const float vsa = (1.0 / 4294967295.0)

Detailed Description

3 Band Equilizer inspired from


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