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Equilizer3Bands Class Reference

3 Band Equilizer inspired from More...

#include <Equilizer.h>

Inheritance diagram for Equilizer3Bands:
AudioStream Stream AudioInfoSupport AudioInfoSource Print


struct  EQSTATE

Public Member Functions

 Equilizer3Bands (AudioOutput &out)
 Equilizer3Bands (AudioStream &stream)
 Equilizer3Bands (Print &out)
 Equilizer3Bands (Stream &in)
virtual AudioInfo audioInfo () override
int available () override
int availableForWrite () override
virtual bool begin ()
bool begin (ConfigEquilizer3Bands &config)
ConfigEquilizer3Bandsconfig ()
ConfigEquilizer3BandsdefaultConfig ()
virtual void end ()
virtual void flush () override
 operator bool ()
size_t readBytes (uint8_t *data, size_t len) override
 Provides the data from all streams mixed together.
virtual size_t readSilence (uint8_t *buffer, size_t length)
 Source to generate silence: just sets the buffer to 0.
virtual void setAudioInfo (AudioInfo info) override
virtual void setNotifyAudioChange (AudioInfoSupport &bi) override
virtual bool validate (AudioInfo &info)
size_t write (const uint8_t *data, size_t len) override
virtual size_t write (uint8_t ch) override
virtual void writeSilence (size_t len)
 Writes len bytes of silence (=0).

Protected Member Functions

void filterSamples (const uint8_t *data, size_t len)
virtual int not_supported (int out, const char *msg="")
void refillReadBuffer ()
float sample (EQSTATE &es, float sample)
float toFloat (int16_t v)
 convert float in the range -1 to 1 to a int16 and clip the values that are out of range
int16_t toInt16 (float v)
 convert float in the range -1 to 1 to a int16 and clip the values that are out of range

Protected Attributes

ConfigEquilizer3Bands cfg
AudioInfo info
int max_state_count =0
ConfigEquilizer3Bandsp_cfg =&cfg
AudioStreamp_in =nullptr
AudioInfoSupportp_notify =nullptr
AudioOutputp_out =nullptr
Printp_print = nullptr
Streamp_stream = nullptr
struct audio_tools::Equilizer3Bands::EQSTATEstate =nullptr
RingBuffer< uint8_t > tmp_in {0}
RingBuffer< uint8_t > tmp_out {0}
const float vsa = (1.0 / 4294967295.0)

Detailed Description

3 Band Equilizer inspired from


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