Arduino ESpeak-NG
Data Fields
espeak_EVENT Struct Reference

#include <speak_lib.h>

Data Fields

espeak_EVENT_TYPE type
unsigned int unique_identifier
int text_position
int length
int audio_position
int sample
void * user_data
union {
   int   number
   const char *   name
   char   string [8]

Field Documentation

◆ audio_position

int espeak_EVENT::audio_position


union { ... } espeak_EVENT::id

◆ length

int espeak_EVENT::length

◆ name

const char* espeak_EVENT::name

◆ number

int espeak_EVENT::number

◆ sample

int espeak_EVENT::sample

◆ string

char espeak_EVENT::string[8]

◆ text_position

int espeak_EVENT::text_position

◆ type

espeak_EVENT_TYPE espeak_EVENT::type

◆ unique_identifier

unsigned int espeak_EVENT::unique_identifier

◆ user_data

void* espeak_EVENT::user_data

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