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ESpeak Class Reference

Simple Arduino C++ class API for ESpeak using PROGMEM. More...

#include <espeak.h>

Inheritance diagram for ESpeak:

Public Member Functions

 ESpeak (Print &out, bool setupEnglish=true)
void add (const char *fileName, const void *fileContent, size_t len)
 Adds a configuration file (e.g dictionary or lang). Use the prefix /mem/data/ for the name! More...
bool begin (int buflength=500)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ESpeakFiles
 ESpeakFiles (Print &out, const char *path="../../../espeak-ng-data")
audio_info audioInfo ()
 Provides information about the sample rate, channels .... More...
bool begin (int buflength=5)
 Starts the processing. Optionally add all relevant configuration files be fore calling this method. More...
bool setVoice (const char *voiceName)
 Defines the voice by i'ts name. More...
bool setVoice (espeak_VOICE *voice_spec)
 Defines the voice by it's properties. More...
espeak_VOICEvoice ()
 Determiens the current voice. More...
void end ()
 Stops the processing. More...
bool say (const char *str)
 Outputs the string as sound. More...
bool setRate (int rate)
 speaking speed in word per minute. Values 80 to 450. More...
bool setVolume (int vol)
 volume in range 0-200 or more. 0=silence, 100=normal full volume, greater values may produce amplitude compression or distortion More...
bool setPitch (int pitch)
 PITCH: base pitch, range 0-100. 50=normal. More...
bool setPitchRange (int range)
 RANGE: pitch range, range 0-100. 0-monotone, 50=normal. More...
bool setPunctuation (espeak_PUNCT_TYPE punct)
 PUNCTUATION: which punctuation characters to announce: value in espeak_PUNCT_TYPE (none, all, some), see espeak_GetParameter() to specify which characters are announced. More...
bool setAnnounceCapitals (int caps)
 CAPITALS: announce capital letters by: 0=none, 1=sound icon, 2=spelling, 3 or higher, by raising pitch. This values gives the amount in Hz by which the pitch of a word raised to indicate it has a capital letter. More...
bool setWordGap (int gap)
 WORDGAP: pause between words, units of 10mS (at the default speed) More...
bool setParameter (espeak_PARAMETER parameter, int value, int relative=0)
 Sets Parameter: espeakRATE, espeakVOLUME etc. More...

Protected Attributes

file_systems::FileSystemMemory fsm {"/mem"}
bool is_setup_english
bool is_fs_setup = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from ESpeakFiles
const short memory_guard = 23
const char * path = "../../../espeak-ng-data-min"
void * user_data = nullptr
int options = 0
unsigned int * identifier = nullptr
unsigned int position = 0
unsigned int end_position = 0
unsigned int flags = espeakCHARS_AUTO
espeak_POSITION_TYPE position_type = POS_CHARACTER

Detailed Description

Simple Arduino C++ class API for ESpeak using PROGMEM.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ESpeak()

ESpeak::ESpeak ( Print &  out,
bool  setupEnglish = true 

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

void ESpeak::add ( const char *  fileName,
const void *  fileContent,
size_t  len 

Adds a configuration file (e.g dictionary or lang). Use the prefix /mem/data/ for the name!

◆ begin()

bool ESpeak::begin ( int  buflength = 500)

Field Documentation

◆ fsm

file_systems::FileSystemMemory ESpeak::fsm {"/mem"}

◆ is_fs_setup

bool ESpeak::is_fs_setup = false

◆ is_setup_english

bool ESpeak::is_setup_english

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