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 Different Buffer Implementations.
 Audio Player.
 Multicore support.
 Convert Audio You can add a converter as argument to the AudioCopy::copy() or better use is with a ConverterStream.
 Strings This framework is avoiding the use of Arduino Strings, so that we can use it easily also on other platforms!
 Platform specific timers.
 Volume Calculations.


class  AdapterAudioStreamToAudioPrint
 Wrapper which converts a AudioStream to a AudioPrint. More...
class  AdapterPrintToAudioPrint
 Wrapper which converts a Print to a AudioPrint. More...
class  AudioActions
 A simple class to assign Functions to Pins e.g. to implement a simple navigation control or volume control with buttons. More...
class  AudioLogger
 A simple Logger that writes messages dependent on the log level. More...
class  Debouncer
 Helper class to debounce user input from a push button. More...
class  MemoryManager
 MemoryManager which activates the use of external SPIRAM memory. When external memory is in use, the allocation strategy is to initially try to satisfy smaller allocation requests with internal memory and larger requests with external memory. This sets the limit between the two, as well as generally enabling allocation in external memory. More...
class  MusicalNotes
 Determination of the frequency of a music note. More...
class  StreamCopy
 We provide the typeless StreamCopy as a subclass of StreamCopyT. More...
class  StreamCopyT< T >
 Typed Stream Copy which supports the conversion from channel to 2 channels. We make sure that we allways copy full samples. More...


enum  MusicalNotesEnum {
  C , CS , D , DS ,
  E , F , FS , G ,
  GS , A , AS , B

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