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audio_tools::WindowFunction Class Referenceabstract

FFT Window Function. More...

#include <FFTWindows.h>

Inheritance diagram for audio_tools::WindowFunction:
audio_tools::Blackman audio_tools::BlackmanHarris audio_tools::BlackmanNuttall audio_tools::BufferedWindow audio_tools::FlatTop audio_tools::Hamming audio_tools::Hann audio_tools::Nuttall audio_tools::Rectange audio_tools::Triangle audio_tools::Welch

Public Member Functions

virtual void begin (int samples)
virtual float factor (int idx)=0
float ratio (int idx)
int samples ()

Protected Attributes

const float fourPi = 12.56637061
int i_samples = 0
float samples_minus_1 = 0
const float sixPi = 18.84955593
const float twoPi = 6.28318531

Detailed Description

FFT Window Function.

Phil Schatzmann

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