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audio_tools::WAVHeader Class Reference

Parser for Wav header data for details see More...

#include <CodecWAV.h>

Public Member Functions

WAVAudioInfoaudioInfo ()
void begin ()
 Call begin when header data is complete to parse the data.
void end ()
 Resets the len.
bool isDataComplete ()
 Returns true if the header is complete (with 44 bytes)
int write (uint8_t *data, size_t data_len)
 Adds data to the 44 byte wav header data buffer, returns the index at which the audio starts.

Protected Member Functions

bool eof ()
int getChar ()
uint32_t getChar32 ()
void logInfo ()
uint16_t read_int16 ()
uint32_t read_int32 ()
uint32_t read_tag ()
void seek (long int offset, int origin)
void skip (int n)
size_t tell ()

Protected Attributes

uint8_t buffer [44]
size_t data_pos = 0
struct WAVAudioInfo headerInfo
size_t len =0
size_t sound_pos = 0

Detailed Description

Parser for Wav header data for details see

Phil Schatzmann

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