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audio_tools::TimerAlarmRepeatingDef Class Referenceabstract

Common Interface definition for TimerAlarmRepeating. More...

#include <AudioTimerDef.h>

Inheritance diagram for audio_tools::TimerAlarmRepeatingDef:
audio_tools::TimerAlarmRepeatingAVR audio_tools::TimerAlarmRepeatingESP32 audio_tools::TimerAlarmRepeatingESP8266 audio_tools::TimerAlarmRepeatingMBED audio_tools::TimerAlarmRepeatingRP2040 audio_tools::TimerAlarmRepeatingSTM32

Public Member Functions

virtual bool begin (repeating_timer_callback_t callback_f, uint32_t time, TimeUnit unit=MS)=0
void * callbackParameter ()
virtual bool end ()=0
void setCallbackParameter (void *obj)

Protected Attributes

void * object =nullptr

Detailed Description

Common Interface definition for TimerAlarmRepeating.

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

virtual bool audio_tools::TimerAlarmRepeatingDef::begin ( repeating_timer_callback_t  callback_f,
uint32_t  time,
TimeUnit  unit = MS 
pure virtual

◆ end()

virtual bool audio_tools::TimerAlarmRepeatingDef::end ( )
pure virtual

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