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audio_tools::TfLiteMicroSpeachWriter Class Reference

TfLiteMicroSpeachWriter for Audio Data. More...

#include <TfLiteAudioStream.h>

Inheritance diagram for audio_tools::TfLiteMicroSpeachWriter:

Public Member Functions

virtual bool begin (TfLiteAudioStreamBase *parent)
 Call begin before starting the processing. More...
virtual bool write (int16_t sample)
virtual bool begin (TfLiteAudioStreamBase *parent)=0
virtual bool write (const int16_t sample)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual int8_t * addSlice ()
virtual TfLiteStatus generateMicroFeatures (const int16_t *input, int input_size, int8_t *output, int output_size, size_t *num_samples_read)
virtual TfLiteStatus initializeMicroFeatures ()
void printFeatures ()
 For debugging: print feature matrix.
virtual bool processSlices (int8_t *feature_buffer)
virtual void respondToCommand (const char *found_command, uint8_t score, bool is_new_command)
 Overwrite this method to implement your own handler or provide callback.
virtual bool setup_recognizer ()
virtual bool write1 (const int16_t sample)
 Processes a single sample.

Protected Attributes

TfLiteConfig cfg
int8_t channel = 0
FrontendConfig config
int32_t current_time = 0
FrontendState g_micro_features_state
int kKeepSampleSize
int kMaxAudioSampleSize
int kStrideSampleSize
int16_t last_value
int16_t * p_audio_samples = nullptr
audio_tools::RingBuffer< int16_t > * p_buffer = nullptr
int8_t * p_feature_data = nullptr
TfLiteAudioStreamBaseparent =nullptr
int16_t total_slice_count = 0

Detailed Description

TfLiteMicroSpeachWriter for Audio Data.

Phil Schatzmann

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

virtual bool audio_tools::TfLiteMicroSpeachWriter::begin ( TfLiteAudioStreamBase parent)

Call begin before starting the processing.

Implements audio_tools::TfLiteWriter.

◆ write()

virtual bool audio_tools::TfLiteMicroSpeachWriter::write ( int16_t  sample)

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