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audio_tools::SimpleFlanger Class Reference

Simple Flanger Effect Consistig of a single voice flanger The flanger has an effective range between 0 and 15 miliseconds in this case dleay buffer should be set to sampleRate*3/200 Constructor requires internal delay in samples. More...

#include <AudioEffectsSuite.h>

Inheritance diagram for audio_tools::SimpleFlanger:
audio_tools::DelayEffectBase audio_tools::EffectSuiteBase audio_tools::AudioEffect

Public Member Functions

 SimpleFlanger ()=default
 SimpleFlanger (effectsuite_t extSampleRate=44100)
 SimpleFlanger (SimpleFlanger &copy)=default
 ~SimpleFlanger ()=default
SimpleFlangerclone () override
effectsuite_t processDouble (effectsuite_t inputSample) override
void setDepth (const effectsuite_t depth)
void setEffectGain (effectsuite_t gain)
void setEffectParams (effectsuite_t gain, effectsuite_t depth, effectsuite_t rate)
void setRate (const effectsuite_t rate)
void setupSimpleFlanger (effectsuite_t extSampleRate)
- Public Member Functions inherited from audio_tools::DelayEffectBase
 DelayEffectBase ()=default
 DelayEffectBase (DelayEffectBase &copy)=default
 DelayEffectBase (int bufferSizeSamples)
 ~DelayEffectBase ()
void setupDelayEffectBase (const int bufferSizeSamples)
- Public Member Functions inherited from audio_tools::AudioEffect
virtual bool active ()
 determines if the effect is active
virtual AudioEffectclone ()=0
int id ()
 Allows to identify an effect.
virtual effect_t process (effect_t in)=0
 calculates the effect output from the input More...
virtual void setActive (bool value)
 sets the effect active/inactive
void setId (int id)
 Allows to identify an effect.

Protected Member Functions

effectsuite_t capGain (effectsuite_t gain)
void setAngleDelta ()
void updateModulation ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from audio_tools::DelayEffectBase
void delaySample (effectsuite_t inputSample)
effectsuite_t getInterpolatedOut (effectsuite_t bufferIndex)
void incDelayBuffReadIndex (effectsuite_t indexInc)
void incDelayBuffWriteIndex ()
void printInterpTable ()
bool setDelayBuffer (int bufferSizeSamples)
void setDelayBuffReadIndex (effectsuite_t index)
void storeSample (effectsuite_t inputSample)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from audio_tools::AudioEffect
int16_t clip (int32_t in, int16_t clipLimit=32767, int16_t resultLimit=32767)
 generic clipping method
void copyParent (AudioEffect *copy)

Protected Attributes

effectsuite_t angleDelta = 2 * internal_Pi * timeStep
effectsuite_t effectGain = .01
effectsuite_t modulationAngle = 0
effectsuite_t modulationConstant
effectsuite_t modulationDepth = 1000
effectsuite_t modulationIndex = 0
effectsuite_t modulationRate = 0
effectsuite_t timeStep = 1. / 44100.
- Protected Attributes inherited from audio_tools::DelayEffectBase
effectsuite_t currentDelayReadIndex = 0
int currentDelayWriteIndex = 0
effectsuite_t * delayBuffer = 0
int delayTimeSamples = 44100
bool error
int maxDelayBufferSize = 441000
- Protected Attributes inherited from audio_tools::AudioEffect
bool active_flag = true
int id_value = -1

Static Protected Attributes

static constexpr const effectsuite_t internal_Pi = 3.141592653589793
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from audio_tools::DelayEffectBase
static const int interpOrder = 4
static const int interpResolution = 1000

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from audio_tools::DelayEffectBase
static effectsuite_t ** setInterpolationTable ()

Detailed Description

Simple Flanger Effect Consistig of a single voice flanger The flanger has an effective range between 0 and 15 miliseconds in this case dleay buffer should be set to sampleRate*3/200 Constructor requires internal delay in samples.

See also
Matthew Hamilton

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SimpleFlanger()

audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::SimpleFlanger ( )

Constructor: DigitalEffect Base Must Be initialised

See also
DelayEffectBase constructor

◆ ~SimpleFlanger()

audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::~SimpleFlanger ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ capGain()

effectsuite_t audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::capGain ( effectsuite_t  gain)

capGain: caps gain to a range of 1 and -1;

gainaddress of gain value

◆ clone()

SimpleFlanger * audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::clone ( )

◆ processDouble()

effectsuite_t audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::processDouble ( effectsuite_t  inputSample)

Apply the DSP effect

Implements audio_tools::EffectSuiteBase.

◆ setAngleDelta()

void audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::setAngleDelta ( )

setAngleDelta: sets the angleDelta for delay modulation

◆ setDepth()

void audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::setDepth ( const effectsuite_t  depth)


depth<#depth description#>

◆ setEffectGain()

void audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::setEffectGain ( effectsuite_t  gain)

setEffectGain: sets the effect gain to a value between 1 and -1

gainrequired delay gain. Values beyond 1 and -1 are capped to the maximum to avoid idiocy. Negative velus invoke a phase inversion.

◆ setEffectParams()

void audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::setEffectParams ( effectsuite_t  gain,
effectsuite_t  depth,
effectsuite_t  rate 

setEffectGain: sets the parameters for effect

gaineffect gain
depthdepth of modulation in samples
raterate of modulation in Hz

◆ setRate()

void audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::setRate ( const effectsuite_t  rate)


rate<#rate description#>

◆ updateModulation()

void audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::updateModulation ( )

updateModulation: updates the modulationIndex by the correct increment

Member Data Documentation

◆ angleDelta

effectsuite_t audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::angleDelta = 2 * internal_Pi * timeStep

increment value for modulation signal

◆ internal_Pi

constexpr const effectsuite_t audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::internal_Pi = 3.141592653589793

internal class declaration of pi it would likely make sense to have this moved to a higher class

◆ modulationConstant

effectsuite_t audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::modulationConstant

2 * pi * modulationRate / sampleRate

◆ timeStep

effectsuite_t audio_tools::SimpleFlanger::timeStep = 1. / 44100.

1/sampleRate: The time in seconds between samples

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