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audio_tools::I2SBasePIO Class Reference

Basic I2S API - for the ... More...

#include <I2SRP2040.h>

Public Member Functions

int available ()
int availableForWrite ()
bool begin (I2SConfig cfg)
 starts the DAC
bool begin (RxTxMode mode=TX_MODE)
 starts the DAC with the default config in TX Mode
I2SConfig config ()
 provides the actual configuration
I2SConfig defaultConfig (RxTxMode mode)
 Provides the default configuration.
void end ()
 stops the I2C and unistalls the driver
void flush ()
size_t readBytes (void *dest, size_t size_bytes)
size_t writeBytes (const void *src, size_t size_bytes)
 writes the data to the I2S interface

Protected Member Functions

void writeSample (int16_t sample)
int writeSamples (int samples, int16_t *values)

Protected Attributes

I2SConfig cfg


class I2SStream

Detailed Description

Basic I2S API - for the ...

Phil Schatzmann

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