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audio_tools::BaseBuffer< T > Class Template Referenceabstract

Shared functionality of all buffers. More...

#include <Buffers.h>

Inheritance diagram for audio_tools::BaseBuffer< T >:
audio_tools::NBuffer< uint8_t > audio_tools::NBuffer< Frame > audio_tools::RingBuffer< uint8_t > audio_tools::RingBuffer< int16_t > audio_tools::SingleBuffer< uint8_t > audio_tools::VariableSpeedRingBuffer< int16_t > audio_tools::NBuffer< T > audio_tools::RingBuffer< T > audio_tools::SingleBuffer< T > audio_tools::SynchronizedBuffer< T > audio_tools::SynchronizedBufferRTOS< T > audio_tools::VariableSpeedRingBuffer< T > audio_tools::VariableSpeedRingBuffer180< T > audio_tools::VariableSpeedRingBufferSimple< T >

Public Member Functions

 BaseBuffer (BaseBuffer const &)=delete
virtual T * address ()=0
virtual int available ()=0
virtual int availableForWrite ()=0
bool isEmpty ()
virtual bool isFull ()=0
BaseBufferoperator= (BaseBuffer const &)=delete
virtual T peek ()=0
virtual T read ()=0
int readArray (T data[], int len)
int readFrames (T data[][2], int len)
template<int rows, int channels>
int readFrames (T(&data)[rows][channels])
virtual void reset ()=0
virtual bool write (T data)=0
int writeArray (const T data[], int len)

Protected Member Functions

void setWritePos (int pos)

Protected Attributes

friend NBuffer< T >

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class audio_tools::BaseBuffer< T >

Shared functionality of all buffers.

Phil Schatzmann

Member Function Documentation

◆ reset()

template<typename T >
virtual void audio_tools::BaseBuffer< T >::reset ( )
pure virtual

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